Public by Default
How Overcommunicating is the Secret to a Happier Life

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What is “public by default”?



status updates



What stays private?

salaries, rants, security bugs

The next 20 minutes of your life

  1. 4 points from “13 Reasons to Be ‘Public by Default’
  2. 4 concerns from around the ’hood
  3. ’ ”‘  “’ “‘  ” ‘ ”’“ ‘’ “”  “   ’‘” ‘“”  ’”‘’“   “ ”  ‘’ ”’ “ ‘’“ ”  ‘’‘ “”

The Business Value

Reason #1: Spend Less Time


Amy wants to check her new metrics on Google Analytics


  • each step adds to comms time
    between 1 minute – 2 minutes
  • each step adds to blocked time
    between 5 minutes – a couple days
  • chance of miscommunication reduced
    between 1% – 10%

Let's Calculate the Savings

…I can't do it


  • less employee time idling
  • less employee time coordinating
  • projects are delivered earlier

Reason #5: Better Ideas

How could you predict who will have the best idea?

Where does everything go wrong?

Let's dig a bit deeper


Stop trusting people to plan anything right

Decisions are like services: the more you have, the more stuff breaks


Stop trusting people to do anything consistently

…such as deciding what should be published

The People Value

The Business Value

Reason #8: Mental Models

Which one to choose?

Which one to choose?

Want your team to have a good passive understanding

Reason #13: Psychological Safety

7.3 SPH

(sorries per hour)

The Concerns


Fear #1: Endless discussions

Your problem is actually weak leadership

Fear #2: Leaking secrets

Well, if Google can keep their code internally public…

Fear #3: Reading Slack too much

Creative output is limited per day

Better Slack than Facebook

Fear #4: Information overload

Fear #4: Information overload

Solve the problem instead of avoiding it

After all, we saved so much time!


13 reasons to go public

get over those fears

invest in fixing overload